Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid – Kingwood, TX

Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid – Kingwood, TX

The teeth may be resilient to a lot of things, but not with stains. People who mindlessly consume foods and beverages as they like will notice that their teeth have dulled or even darkened over time. Fortunately, there are now several means for people to regain the lost luster of their smiles like over the counter products, home remedies, or in-office treatments. The popularity of this smile enhancement procedure is prevalent, but which one is the best means to consider? Is any option the right choice? Let us at Dentistry of Kingwood help in deciding the ideal teeth whitening technique to take advantage of and the proper practices to observe in ensuring long-lasting results!

Whitening Mistakes

Using natural remedies

Mostly the reasons why people tend to settle with home remedies are the accessibility and affordability this option offers. Unfortunately, these products do not have definite effects. Aside from this, using lemon on the teeth actually causes sensitivity. Uses of activated charcoal and coconut oil even have a few reactions.

Over the counter whitening systems

People would, as much as possible, try to save money. Who wouldn’t, right? However, choosing cheap store-bought whiteners is not a good choice. Instead of spending less, using these products may even cause a person to spend more than their initial target cost. To get ideal results with OTC whiteners, they may need to use these products repeatedly. Besides, it is even possible for a sudden increase in sensitivity or irritations to occur due to the misuse of the product.

Utilizing misfitted whitening trays

DIY whitening products usually include a wearable tray where the whitening solution is placed. Unfortunately, these trays come in one size fits all which, despite the name, does not provide the size needed by a particular patient. As a result, irritations to the soft tissues are more likely to be experienced. Saliva may even mix with the whitening agents, causing it to wash away the active ingredient before it takes effect.

Eating and drinking after the whitening session

Patients may not know this, but the teeth are actually more vulnerable to stains and have higher sensitivity right after whitening. Consuming hot or cold substances will cause discomfort, while the intense-colored ones may ruin the outcome.

If you ask us at Dentistry of Kingwood about the best thing to do to counter these mistakes, we have one solution – professional teeth whitening. Although most people already know that this method is more pricey, understand that you will get what you paid for – effective whitening, comfortable treatment, little to no side effect, and favorable results!

What are you waiting for? Bring out your best smile with the help of Teeth Whitening in Kingwood, TX! Call or visit us at Dentistry of Kingwood to get started.