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TMJ & TMD Treatment

Does your jaw pop or click when you chew? Do you wake up with an aching jaw, headaches, neck pain or facial tension? If any of these sound familiar, you may have TMD. TMD refers to temporomandibular disorder, a problem with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This disorder can occur from excess stress on your jaw. It often affects those that clench their jaw or grind their teeth in their sleep. As part of our general dentistry treatments at Dentistry of Kingwood, we can diagnose and treat TMJ/TMD to give you relief from your pain and protect your teeth from damage.

Treating TMD and relieving the pain and discomfort associated with this jaw dysfunction should begin with identifying the issue. Bite alignment, stress on the jaw and other factors can contribute to the issue. While pain can be relieved by using heat and ice packs in intervals on the jaw and face to soothe the muscles, it does not remedy the issue. Dr. Ghattas can recommend treatments to help adjust the way your jaw opens and closes, as well as examine your bite alignment. Issues like tooth decay can affect your bite as well as other factors. Splints and oral appliances can be designed to relieve pressure on your jaw, especially at night, helping reposition your jaw joint into the socket.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Determining the right treatment for TMD starts with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Ghattas can provide a thorough examination of your bite alignment, teeth and jaw to diagnose your disorder and recommend the right treatment for your condition. If there is evidence of damage to the teeth from clenching or grinding, he may recommend a customized night guard that can alleviate stress on the jaw joint while protecting your teeth from damage.

If you have been experiencing any of the symptoms associated with TMD, contact Dentistry of Kingwood today to schedule an appointment for a diagnosis and treatment.