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Charled Onma | Aug 19, 2022
I was informed the day of my visit that my insurance wasn't accepted, even though I provided my insurance information weeks in advance. In a phone call after the appointment I was informed they do not accept any insurance, I don't know if this was the truth or not. I have Delta dental, a large dental insurance company. I had taken time off of work to make the appointment so I decided I didn't have much of a choice other than to go through with the appointment. I was charged $360 for a simple cleaning and basic x-rays. The hygienist was very pleasant. I've had 3-4 interactions with their front desk. The in-person interactions left me feeling like they had better things they could be doing than talking to me. EDIT/UPDATE: About a week after I was given the final statement I was contacted by Therisa to inform me there had been an administrative error. The charges were adjusted so that my out-of-pocket cost was a more reasonable amount. I'm disappointed that this mistake was made, but glad that they caught their mistake before I paid.
Robbie Hilton | Jul 29, 2022
Ginny Eckley | Jul 20, 2022
Tried to move a dental cleaning by booking online. Got confirmation e-mail of new appt and then called to cancel old appt only to be told I did not have the appt I just booked. Apparently someone else booked at same time and i got bumped. Hope the dental care is better than the technology [fingers crossed]....
Darrell Antrich | Jun 08, 2022
My treatment plan was thoroughly discussed with me and all questions were answered giving me a clear idea of what my options were.
Violet M. | May 24, 2022
lakeforest | May 03, 2022
He told me I had 4 cavities when I had 0. I saw Dr. Coligado from age 18 to 22. I had maybe 1 cavity before seeing him. Throughout the years I apparently had 1-5 cavities per visit that needed to be filled, in which I had filled because I trusted him as a DDS. The last time I saw him, he told me I had 4 cavities that needed to be filled, costing around $400 with insurance coverage. I didn’t go in for the filling appointment, because of another situation that happened. Maybe 6 months after my last appointment with Dr. Coligado, I went to a new dentistry office, West Gray Dental, where I was told I did not have any cavities. I was very confused. The dentist said she only saw old fillings, but no new cavities. All that to say… I don’t know how there isn’t more regulation or ethical guidelines to prevent this type swindler behavior. Who knows if I ever had any cavities. I would highly NOT recommend Dr. Coligado due to his unethical behavior.
Phebe M Bubel | Apr 26, 2022
Very professional service
Michael B. | Apr 13, 2022
Brooklynn Green | Apr 12, 2022
Kandi Graham | Apr 12, 2022
Amazing place! Knowledgeable and they actually care about what you want.
Stephanie Green | Apr 12, 2022
Dr. Ghattas is the best dentist! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Karen Martin | Mar 26, 2022
"Friendly, professional staff. Dr. Ghattas is great and takes time to answer any questions I have."
Dunia G.
"Great place. Friendly professional staff. Extremely careful with sanitation. Wonderful dentist. Great chair side manner. Using latest technology in all areas."
Laura L.
"Great Experience - Friendly Staff, spent time explaining issues I have and best way to deal with them. Excellent care and treatment."
Dawn K.
"Dr. Ghattis and his staff are very genuine and kind people. He is the best dentist I've ever had. Always informative and helpful."
Jennifer M.