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Dentures services offered in Kingwood, TX

If you’ve lost some or all of your permanent teeth due to trauma, poor oral hygiene, or an underlying medical condition, consider dentures. At Dentistry of Kingwood, Pierre Ghattas, DDS, and the team offer beautiful dentures that fit comfortably and look fantastic. To schedule an appointment at the practice in Kingwood, Texas, call the office today or click the online booking feature.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are custom-crafted prosthetics that replace your permanent teeth. They make it easier to bite and chew, allow you to speak more clearly, and reduce the risk of potentially serious oral health problems like gum recession and bone loss.

Dentures look very similar to your natural teeth. What’s more, with good oral hygiene and regular checkups, they often last 7-10* years and sometimes even longer.

What are the types of dentures?

At Dentistry of Kingwood, the team offers several types of dentures, including:

Partial dentures

Partial dentures look similar to an orthodontic retainer. They have a metal framework, pink gums made of acrylic or plastic, and one (or more) artificial teeth. Partial dentures attach to small metal clasps and can be removed at any time. 

Complete dentures

Complete dentures replace your entire set of upper or lower teeth. They have a metal base that looks like a horseshoe, pink gums made from acrylic or plastic, and a full arch of artificial teeth. You apply an adhesive to the base, which rests on top of your gums.

Implant-supported dentures 

If you don’t want to remove your dentures each night, your Dentistry of Kingwood provider might recommend implant-supported dentures. These dentures can replace some or all of your teeth. They connect to dental implants, which are small, screw-like posts inserted into your jawbone.

What does getting dentures involve?

The process for getting dentures varies depending on the type you want.

Partial or complete dentures

If you want partial or complete dentures, your Dentistry of Kingwood provider takes impressions of your mouth and sends them to a dental laboratory. Techs at the laboratory use the impressions to design and create a custom set of dentures that fit perfectly.

Implant-supported dentures

If you want implant-supported dentures, your dentist inserts a number of metal posts into your jaw during an outpatient procedure. When the implants integrate with your bone, you return to the office, and your provider takes impressions.

A dental laboratory uses the impressions of your mouth to manufacture a custom set of implant-supported dentures. When the dentures are ready, you return to Dentistry of Kingwood, and your provider attaches them to your implants.

To see if you’re a candidate for dental implants, make an appointment at Dentistry of Kingwood by calling the office today or clicking the online scheduler.

*Individual results may vary.