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Say Goodbye to Bad Breath!

Say Goodbye to Bad Breath!

Chronic bad breath is a serious concern. Fear that others will notice the offensive odor can hold you back from expressing yourself confidently.

From garlic to coffee to tuna fish, there are many foods we can blame bad breath on. But is food always the culprit?

Your local dentist can help you figure that out. In fact, Dr. Ghattas recommends the following for dealing with a case of “halitosis“.

Go Herbal!

To freshen your breath after a smelly meal, don’t reach for mouthwash. That usually contains alcohol which dries out your mouth and compounds the problem.

Instead, enjoy a tea with herbs such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Sage
  • Tea tree

Or, chewing on these spices might also help:

  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom

As with any drug, consult your doctor before starting any herbal supplements.

Hygiene Is Key

If you frequently neglect to brush and floss, then your bad breath problem is easy to solve. Improving your hygiene will reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria and food debris that live on your tongue and teeth.

Get A Dental Checkup

Almost all dental disease causes bad breath. Invading germs give off a smell of their own. When they cause teeth and soft tissues to deteriorate, that can stink, as well.

Common oral problems like gum disease and tooth decay can cause bad breath. It’s definitely worth getting an examination to see if treating dental disease will resolve unwelcome stench.

Dr. Pierre Ghattas at Dentistry of Kingwood can help you solve the mystery of what’s causing your bad breath. There’s no need to suffer in silence any longer! We’ll help you conquer halitosis and have you talking and laughing with confidence again. Call our office today to schedule your visit.

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