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Same Day Dentistry

When you have a dental issue that just cannot wait, call us at Dentistry of Kingwood. We put our patients first, whether it is your first visit to us or your family has been coming to us for the last forty-plus years. We offer same day dentistry whenever possible for our patients that need urgent dental care. Just call our office and ask if we can get you in to see the doctor today.

There are many reasons you may need immediate dental care. Obviously, a dental emergency like a broken tooth or a severe toothache needs urgent care. But there may be other situations besides emergencies where you need same day care. If you have a busy, changing schedule, it can be difficult to schedule general dental care ahead of time. When you have a free day, call us. We may have room in our schedule to see you that day for a cleaning, checkup or to finally get that cavity filled.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

So how can we see you the same day when most dental offices make you schedule your appointments weeks in advance? We also schedule out our appointments for regular and routine visits, but we also leave some space in our schedule to accommodate patients that need same day care. We give priority to those with dental emergencies, but often we have a crisis-free day when we can fit another patient or two into our day. It is just another way we take care of our patient’s needs at Dentistry of Kingwood.

The next time you have an urgent dental need or just want to get caught up on your dental care, contact Dentistry of Kingwood. While we cannot promise we can always get you in to see Dr. Ghattas the same day, we will get you in as soon as possible. Ask about our early office hours and Saturday appointments for more available options.