Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Getting a brighter looking smile is a great way to go into the new year. Deciding to invest in boosting your tooth color can have a tremendous impact on both your professional career and personal life. When you feel confident about how your teeth look, you’ll want to show them off more often.

Everyday Stains Make Your Smile Look Older

If you’re a coffee or wine drinker, or even smoke on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that your teeth look darker than they normally would. This can add five to ten years to your smile, easily. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is great way to erase stains that can’t be polished away during a cleaning.

In-Office Whitening

Perhaps you have a big event coming up like a wedding or job interview. When you’re short on time, our same day in-house whitening treatments with our Kingwood dentists give you results in just one appointment.

Take Home Kits

Unlike over the counter products, a professionally made whitening tray will give you far better results. Not only does the fit of the tray provide full contact with each tooth surface, it uses a prescription strength gel that you can’t buy at any mall or grocery store.

Maintain Your Results

Through routine touch-ups after your regular dental cleanings, most people can keep their smile bright for several years. Depending on your level of tooth stain, a touch up every three to six months is all that you need.

If you’re looking for convenient and affordable teeth whitening, call our Kingwood dentists today. Dr. Ghattas and Dr.Bell will work closely with you to find an effective solution that fits your budget.

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