Why Did My Crown Come Off?

Why Did My Crown Come Off?

One of the most popular reasons people have dental emergencies is because their crown has popped off. It’s disappointing if your cap falls comes loose, especially since you want your dental work to last for a long time. What could have caused it to fall out?

1. The crown was broken.

Sometimes, it’s just an issue of age.

Dental crowns don’t last forever. After many years of wear and tear, a cap can break. This will cause it to loosen and pop off your tooth.

2. A chewy food pulled off the crown while the cement was still setting.

It’s best to avoid chewy, sticky, crunchy, and doughy foods during the first day or two after you get your crown. Such items can prove tougher than the fresh dental cement. If your crown comes off within a day of getting it placed, you can blame it on something you ate.

3. You have some decay in the tooth beneath the crown.

Crowned teeth are not impervious to decay. Bacteria can still form cavities at the edge of crowns if they aren’t kept clean. As the decay spreads inside the tooth, it reduces the amount of tooth the crown can hold onto.

4. Your crown has had more than its share of abuse.

Do you have a habit of using your teeth to open packages or tear off tags?

If so, that may have contributed to the untimely loss of your crown. A dental cap can’t take much more force than regular teeth do.

Emergency Dental Crown Repair in Kingwood

If you’re searching for a dentist to recement your lost dental crown, call up Dr. Pierre Ghattas so that we can fit you into our schedule as soon as possible.

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