Simple Tips Before and After Getting Dental Implants in Kingwood, TX

Simple Tips Before and After Getting Dental Implants in Kingwood, TX

After losing some teeth, one should consider undergoing a restorative procedure next. Dental professionals discourage patients from leaving the gaps in the mouth unattended for it can lead to various complications in the long run. Fortunately, several options are now available to cater to the needs of every patient, and we at Dentistry of Kingwood happen to offer one of the most sought-after dental restoration – dental implants!

Dental implants are a type of restoration that restores the overall structure of the lost teeth. Instead of just the visible portion (crown), its support underneath, the root, is restored as well. It is made possible thanks to the titanium implants that are surgically placed on the jawbone. These posts mimic the function of the root, and they also serve as anchors that hold the prostheses like crowns, bridges, and dentures in place. Knowing that there is a restorative option capable of this feat can make anyone curious and even give the procedure a go. Aside from offering the said method, our practice is also committed to providing support throughout. With that said, here are some tips we prepared.

Preparing Before the Procedure

Fix a schedule

On average, the patient needs to get at least three days of rest after the procedure. That said, it is best to make sure that there will be no important events for a week. Arranging time-off from school or work is necessary to avoid any problems.

Get enough rest the night before

Patients are advised to get a good night’s sleep for they will need all the strength they can get for fast and successful recovery.

Arrange a form of transportation

It is possible for the patient to be under anesthesia or sedation for the placement of the dental implants. So to guarantee one’s safety, have a friend or family member to pick them up and bring them back home.

Prepare meals ahead

Since patients are advised to get enough rest as much as possible, preparing the necessities beforehand is best. For example, they are encouraged to only eat soft foods to allow the treatment site to heal properly. Choices may be limited, but it is ideal for patients to secure the essential nutrients that can help them recover.

Aftercare Tips

  • Even with a teeth restoration, patients are still advised to brush their teeth twice a day following the proper techniques.
  • Flossing is still as important as ever. Aside from the standard floss, try investing in interdental brushes for easier and better clean.
  • Getting rid of bacteria in the mouth is a must, so using the appropriate mouthwash to do the job is best.
  • Avoid the excessive intake of substances with intense colors to avoid compromising the appearance of the prostheses.
  • Never forget to schedule routine appointments every six months. Dental professionals will monitor not just the oral structures but the dental appliance as well.

Following all these can ensure that the patient would have an overall pleasant experience in having their teeth restored with dental implants.

What are you waiting for? Get your well-deserved second chance to smile to your heart’s content with the help of Dental Implants in Kingwood, TX! Call or visit us at Dentistry of Kingwood to get started.