Seeing With Your Teeth: Tooth-in-Eye Surgery

Seeing With Your Teeth: Tooth-in-Eye Surgery

Did you know there is a procedure that uses a human tooth to restore sight?

It’s not a very common surgery, but it has proven effective and life-changing in some unique cases. Medically known as modified osteo-odonto-keratoprothesis (MOOKP, for short), this procedure works in situations where someone’s body isn’t capable of retaining an artificial cornea.

Corneal problems make up a significant percentage of those living without sight today. But just slipping on a new plastic cornea isn’t going to work in eyes that are too damaged to produce tears. The body also has a hard time accepting a foreign material.

Italian eye surgeon Benedetto Strampelli figured that perhaps supporting an artificial lens in a unique body material would do the trick. This material would have to be strong yet able to integrate with moist tissues around the eye. So, a tooth was tested for suitability and found to be the perfect candidate.

In a costly and time-intensive procedure requiring the coordination of many specialists, several people have had their sight restored in one eye. While this surgery isn’t a typical every day one, it is a fascinating fun-fact to know. Your teeth are unique and capable of a lot!

Perhaps you are grateful to have two fully-functioning eyes and will never need MOOKP surgery. Still you should never take your natural teeth for granted! Here at Kingwood Dentistry, Dr. Pierre Ghattas is dedicated to putting the latest in dental technology to work in maintaining your smile.

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