How Smoking Affects Your Smile

How Smoking Affects Your Smile

You’ve heard it all about how smoking affects your lung and heart health. Those problems seem a long way off. Keep in mind, though, that smoking can have a more immediate effect in a very visible way.

An unpleasant smile can severely jeopardize first impressions. It can make your smile seem:

  • Lacking in hygiene
  • Older than it really is
  • Smelly
  • Gross to kiss

None of those are impressions you want to convey on a job interview or first date!

How exactly can smoking make your smile that unappealing? Kingwood Dentistry’s Dr. Ghattas explains four ways.

1. Long in the Teeth

Smoking irritates the gums and causes gum recession in addition to promoting gum disease. This combination exposes teeth roots, making them look long and maybe even creepy.

2. Bad Breath (Halitosis)

All the mouthwash in the world can’t cover up the lingering odor of cigarette smoke on your breath. You may be so used to it that you think no one else notices. But folks would tell you otherwise if you asked!

3. Staining and Yellowing Enamel

You’re probably quite familiar with this common complaint. Smoke leaves tenacious stains on teeth and it can be hard to keep up with, no matter how much you whiten. Even your hygienist can have a challenging time removing it.

4. Limited Restorative Options

Because smoking compromises your body’s ability to heal, you probably won’t respond well to surgical procedures like tooth extractions or dental implants.

For help in restoring your smile’s natural beauty or even in kicking the habit of smoking completely, book an appointment today. At Kingwood Dentistry, we’re excited to help you get a smile you’ll fall in love with!

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