Hiding from Halitosis

Hiding from Halitosis

With the Holiday Season in full swing, you’ve probably been busy with parties and family gatherings. There are likely a few more to attend, such a winter concert for your children or the office party coming up. But have you felt yourself standing at a distance from people at recent festivities, making sure to breathe away from people when you talk? Maybe you’re even avoiding the mistletoe!

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be terribly embarrassing. You’ll usually get it after eating food with onions, garlic, spicy seasonings, or even dairy products. Other offenders are sugary or alcoholic drinks and coffee. Keeping your mouth hydrated after eating is one way to manage your breath if you can’t brush immediately, chewing a piece of parsley or mint is another. But you should know that halitosis can serve as a warning sign for something else wrong in your mouth.

Your Body’s Warning System

If you brush, floss, use mouthwash and still can’t manage to keep your breath smelling fresh, you probably have an underlying oral health problem. Gum disease and gingivitis, or inflammation are prime offenders for causing a stinky mouth. Tooth decay and abscessed teeth are other potential causes.

Clean It Out

Make an appointment with Dr. Ghattas for a cleaning and exam. At Dentistry of Kingwood, we can provide a thorough, professional assessment to find the root cause of your halitosis. We may need to fill cavities, treat abscesses, and deep clean beneath your gums to eliminate odorous bacteria, or active infections. You’ll be able to talk closer and kiss those your love without a second thought or embarrassment. Call our Kingwood office today!

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