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Periodontal Therapy

Did you know that approximately half of adults over the age of thirty have some form of periodontal disease? Not only is periodontal or gum disease the leading cause of tooth loss as people get older, it can also affect their health without general dentistry. Periodontal therapy is used to combat gum disease, often reversing the effects on your oral and overall health. Dentistry of Kingwood offers effective treatment for periodontitis to restore your oral health.

Gum Infection Treatment

Periodontitis is a type of gum infection. Bacteria inflame the gums, causing them to become red, swollen and tender. They can begin to recede from the tooth roots and begin affecting the connective tissues and bone that holds your teeth in place. To stop periodontal disease, you must stop the infection. This treatment includes a thorough cleaning of the teeth, roots and gums. It also may require medication to fight the infection and help the gums heal.

Scaling and Root Planing

One of the most effective types of periodontal therapy is scaling and root planing. This process uses a scaling tool to remove any tartar or calculus from the teeth and roots. This process goes below the gum line, so usually the gums are numbed to ensure there is no pain as this procedure is performed. After the tartar and bacteria are removed, the roots are planed to make them smooth. This promotes healing for the gums, with a smooth surface that will not cause irritation as they heal.

Your gum health is very important to keeping a beautiful smile and for your overall wellness. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease or have noticed the signs of gingivitis, do not wait to receive treatment. At Dentistry of Kingwood, we offer effective periodontal therapy to help you restore your gum health and keep your smile beautiful. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation regarding gum disease and its treatment.