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Halitosis Treatment

Finding out you have chronic bad breath or halitosis can be embarrassing. Unfortunately, you are often the last one to know. Even if you are meticulous about your oral hygiene and use breath-freshening products, nothing can cover or hide severe halitosis. If you have been told you have bad breath or have noticed it yourself, it is time to find the cause and get effective treatment for your halitosis at Dentistry of Kingwood.

Often the cause of bad breath is found in your mouth. Gum infections, decay and other oral issues can have a bad odor. No amount of brushing or mouthwash can take away the smell of infection or decay. The problem must be resolved to get rid of your halitosis, often with general dental treatments.

Treatment for Bad Breath

The treatment for bad breath will depend on what is causing the odor. If it is a simple cavity, it can be removed and filled. If you have a gum infection or gum disease, we can begin treatment and stop the infection. Sometimes it is a deeper issue such as an infected tooth that may need root canal therapy. In some cases, a thorough teeth cleaning is all that is needed to remove built-up tartar and bacteria from around the teeth that are causing a foul odor.

If you have been plagued by halitosis, schedule an appointment to come see us for an exam at Dentistry of Kingwood. Dr. Ghattas will thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums to find the source, then recommend treatment to resolve the issue. If the cause is not orally related, he will refer you to a general physician for further diagnosis. Contact Dentistry of Kingwood today to get to the bottom of what is causing your bad breath.