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The Latest Dental Technology

Like all medical fields, dentistry is constantly improving with new technology. At Dentistry of Kingwood, we continually invest in new technology to ensure we offer the latest options for excellent dental care for our patients. Utilizing new innovations helps us detect dental issues quicker for our patients, saving them time and money off their dental treatments while ensuring the highest level of dental health.

Some of the latest dental innovations focus around improved imagery and defect detection. The quicker we can find a dental issue, the quicker we can resolve the problem. Decay, cracks and other teeth issues grow with time. They can go from a tiny, minor repair to a larger, more expensive treatment such as root canal therapy. Catching these issues during routine exams is important to our team at Dentistry of Kingwood. We know if we can stop issues when they start, it will save you time and money off future dental treatments. Some of the newer technology we use includes:

Digital x-rays.
Using digital x-ray technology improves the quality of images and reduces the radiation exposure for our patients.
Diagnodent Laser.
This laser technology can detect minute amounts of decay or tiny cavities so they can be removed before they cause more damage to the tooth. This preserves the healthy tooth structure and reduces the change of interior tooth decay.
CariVu transillumination technology.
Another option we use for detected caries and cracks in your teeth is CariVu transillumination technology. This uses near-infrared light to illuminate issues that are affecting your tooth enamel.

Your oral health is our top priority at Dentistry of Kingwood. By using the latest dental technology, we can improve how efficiently we can detect oral issues, stopping little issues from becoming larger dental problems. It is just another way we provide excellent oral care for our patients, as we have been doing for over forty years in the Kingwood area. Call today to schedule your next exam.