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Composite Fillings

White teeth are a sign of a healthy smile, yet when repairs are made using metal fillings, they can detract from the beauty of your grin. Composite fillings are a cosmetic dentistry option to make repairs without an apparent reminder on your smile. Composite resin can be formulated to match your teeth color, blending in perfectly with your smile. At Dentistry of Kingwood, we offer beautiful composite fillings for many types of tooth repairs.

One of the most common reasons fillings are used is to repair cavities. Amalgam has been used for many decades to repair teeth after cavities are removed, leaving silver fillings on your teeth. Even on back molars, these fillings can show when you talk or laugh. Composite fillings have been improved to be more durable and safe for repairing almost any tooth, even molars. Many people are choosing to have their old metal fillings replaced with composite resin to improve their smile and remove any metal that may contain mercury or other ingredients that may be harmful.

What is a Composite Resin?

There are several different types of composite resin that can be used for fillings and dental repairs. Most are made with a combination of plastic, glass and ceramic to form a putty-like substance that can be applied to teeth in layers. Using a specialized light, the layers are hardened to form a durable filling material. This can be used to fill cavities, repair damaged teeth and for bonding purposes. The surface is then smoothed and polished, making it almost impossible for anyone to see that you had a repair completed on your teeth.

Composite fillings are a great option for those that want to keep a white, healthy-looking smile. If you want to have old metal fillings replaced or new damage repaired, talk to us about the option of using composite fillings. Contact Dentistry of Kingwood today to schedule a consultation about white composite fillings.